10 Family Travel Accessories | Fall Favorites

My family is always on the go. Even with school going on full-time during the Fall, we still take advantage of long weekend travel. We travel with two kids under the age of nine and have an allergy to manage. Meaning, we are always on the lookout for quality products to make the process of traveling run more smoothly. This autumn we have identified 10 items that we love.

Detailed product reviews can be found below.

(Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means Kid Allergy Travel will receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the links. Kid Allergy Travel thanks you for shopping brands that we love in order to continue making this blog possible.)

Travel Accessories

Brica Rolling Bag Pack Carseat Cover

We are still in car seat travel mode. Yup, we have been dealing with these darn things for nine years now. But, Kid Allergy Travel knows that car seats are a necessity and we never waver on this point no matter how far away we happen to be roaming. Our advice to ease the pain? Find the right product(s) to make this stage of parenting and traveling less painful. Enter: the car seat cover. We travel so often that we have gone through a ton of these things. This one, however, has taken a beating and is still hanging on. But…better yet, this is an amazing necessity when traveling solo with kids. When I can leisurely stroll the an airport I roll it. When I am late for a flight or connection, or am the lone adult traveling with multiple little ones running in opposite directions, it goes right on my back. Seriously, I heart this Brica Rolling Bag Pack Carseat cover!

Tumi Womens Voyageur Carson – Calais Backpack

I totally adore this bag pack. With a special padded spot for my beloved laptop, plenty of side pockets for snacks (one side gluten free and the other for those that can eat gluten), small top zip for immediate access stuff like my mobile, lipstick and passport, this carry-on does it all for my family. It is light weight and thin, making it easy to carry long distances and fits snuggly near you even when you booked the cramped quarters of a budget airline. If you are in the market for a new carryon, this Tumi should be on the list for consideration for sure.

Ladies Clothing

Nike Half Zip Long Sleeved Top

As the weather turns cooler, I love to carry something with me that is light weight, easily flat packed and does the job of taking off a slight chill. It isn’t meant to be an outer layer so keep in mind that this product serves as something for transitional autumn weather only. I use this on the plane when I get cold, I use it for active pursuits like playing tennis or hiking, and I use this for lounging about because it is just that comfy.

Beyond Yoga High Waisted Legging

These are like butter folks! I could seriously live in these things. No pulling. No see through concerns. You know those people that put together how to pack for a weeks worth of travel in a carry on? They should put this legging on every one of those lists! You can hike, sleep, and chase after active kids in these. But, you could throw on a crisp white button down and some kitten heels or a cashmere turtleneck and some knee high boots and your daytime or nighttime apparel comes alive. I am a sucker for something that is this versatile that also provides this much comfort and flexibility.

Gluten Free Snacks

Sunfood Raw Organic Chia Seeds

We have been to many a country where packaged yogurt has been the only thing we felt was safe enough for Kid Allergy to eat. And, after about 4 days of yogurt and fruit three times a day Kid Allergy is really looking for something to spice things up. Thus, since we discovered Sunfood Chia Seeds we haven’t left home without out them. Plus, chia seeds are good for you! They are packed with nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, iron and calcium, so eat these little guys for flavor and for their health benefits too.

Absolutely Gluten Free Everything Flatbread

Remember those Pretzel Crisps we all used to love before diagnosis? These Everything flavored Absolutely Gluten Free Flatbread Crackers are about as close as I have gotten to that taste. I love that they are long giving me space to create mini masterpieces—brie and grilled peaches, cream cheese and cherry tomato, or just nibbling on them all alone when on the go.


Everyone 3-in-1 Kid’s Soap (Gluten Free)

We never trust the hotel offerings and instead opt to carry our items in to ensure that Kid Allergy is washing his hair and body with 100% gluten free products. It is not a foam based so it can easily be poured in to your travel sized bottles as needed. It is gentle enough for kids, certified gluten free and cruelty free, and is made in the USA. He loves the Lavender Lullaby for the calming scent and digs that it can be used for something more than just the bath time basics of cleansing the hair and body–it also works as a bubblebath!

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum

My dermatologist recommended this product. And, after I got over the initial sticker shock, I have to say that this serum has really become somewhat of an obsession for me. I have never been one for an overly-lengthy beauty regime but I started to rethink that once I turned 40. You got dry skin from hours of travel or sightseeing in a windy city or being outside in the sun with the kids–this is my go-to. The dryness subsides immediately and I feel like my skin is softer upon contact. But be warned: Some people complain about the smell of this product. It doesn’t bother me too terribly much, but the odor has been likened to the smell of……hot dogs. Read more about the unappealing smells of beauty in this New York Times Style Magazine Article. The great news? The New York Times may question the smell but not the effectiveness of the product as they quote a Dermatologist giving it props as one of, if not the ultimate, gold standard product for topical antioxidants. I like to chalk it up to authenticity of not masking the natural smell of ingredients. Or, at least, that is what I like to tell myself.


Anker 6 Port USB Wall Charger 

Everything now needs to be charged–tablets, phones, even headphones if they happen to be wireless! This is our go-to for on the go travel. With 6 ports, it works great to handle all of our charging needs and is compact for quick and easy toting around.

Sharper Image Ultimate Sleep Sound Machine

I know everyone recommends a sound machine who has a travel blog and we are no different. Honestly, if you haven’t invested in one yet I encourage you to give it a try. It blocks the noise to help our kids sleep and also provides a consistent familiar sound when we are far from home. We have gone through several over the years and this one is proving to tick all the boxes. Runs on batteries, has various sounds (ocean is a must for our kids), and has a 30/60/90 setting option. I wouldn’t call it compact but the sound quality is good and I generally like this brand when it comes to sound machines for quality and consistency.