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I am not a medical professional and I am not providing any recommendations based upon medical knowledge or facts.

As any parent of a child with an allergy knows, just because my son did not experience cross-contamination issues or dismissive handling procedures as described in our experiences on this blog, it does not guarantee that it won’t happen the next time you dine.

Allergy knowledgeable chefs can change jobs. Flour can spill on food preparation surfaces. At any moment, gluten free products can be substituted for cheaper ingredients that contain gluten.

This site aims to fill a gap for child friendly gluten free travel information and be a starting point for your research.  So please continue to use your judgement when visiting one of these locations and ask many questions before eating.

Ultimately, it isn't even just for those families who have kids with gluten allergies. This site is here for anyone who wants to venture out together as a family, with or without an allergy. Kid Allergy Travel is here to provide value-added information with hopes to inspire you and your family to begin a new safe adventure of your own, gluten free or otherwise.


I want to dedicate this site to all the “Kid Allergy” Super Heroes out there. Your child, like my son, has the super human strength to take on the fear of the unknown and live that much greater by doing so.

Every one of your children motivates me.

So join me. Help your own gluten free Super Hero find the strength to fly.

Travel on and be strong!

Next Steps...

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