Baggallini Cosmetics Trio – Simplify Your Travel Toiletry Routine

My Baggallini Large Clear Cosmetic Case in the Aloft San Fran Airport Hotel

Gearing up for long term travel with two kids and one food allergy is no joke. There is so much pressure to carry the right things to keep your family safe that you quickly realize that you have to step up your game when it comes to organization. Couple that with needing to use only international sized carry on baggage to keep the multi-airport checked baggage fees to a minimum, and you have a serious puzzle on your hands. When my husband and I were gathering the list of "must have travel gear," one of the things that quickly became obvious was the need to do away with the good old ziplock baggie of toiletry items. There was no way four plastic bags were going to make it through the wear and tear of in and out eight times through airport security.

The Baggallini Partnership

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Kid Allergy Travel was looking for a few good brands to strike up a partnership for this worldwide family adventure. We wanted trusted brands with a reputation for quality. Durability was key because we knew this trip featured us visiting five countries, six cities, and was going to carry our family of four through airports eight times. Honestly, that would be hard on any travel accessory.

Around that time, a friend of mine purchased the Baggallini Anywhere Large Hobo Tote.  The more I saw that bag, the more I fell in love with the brand. The history was rooted in female entrepreneurship, they had a stellar reputation for quality, offered plenty of bells and whistles in terms of functionality, and offered up some contemporary styling.

Read the whole story at: Baggallini Anti-Theft Large Hobo Tote - A Review.

Why the Cosmetics Trio?

We know I needed a clear plastic TSA approved cosmetics case. And, Baggallini does have a super cute single Clear Cosmetic Pouch. But, after much analysis, I realized that to stay organized on this trip, I actually needed three cosmetic cases:

  • One for all the liquids that needed to be pulled in and out for security screening that was clear and plastic.
  • One to hold the Nima Gluten Testing Capsules.
  • One to hold easily accessible medical necessities.

Large Clear Cosmetic Case

Pictured: My Large Baggallini Clear Cosmetic Case passing the security checkpoint at Changi Singapore Airport. At this airport, you do all your screening at the gate. 

My favorite things about this case:

Sturdy Handle. Yes, it would be useful to carry the cosmetics bag with that handle but I found a more creative function for it. I used that handle to wiggle and force the cosmetics case in and out of my carry on bag every time I needed to pull out all my liquids through a security checkpoint. Worked like a charm!

Clear Design. It passed security in six airports (Dallas/Fort Worth, San Fransisco, Singapore, Luang Prabang, Bangkok, Da Nang)

Size. Why does it feel bigger than my plastic baggie and it still passes security measurements? Who knows...but it certainly worked every time!

Durability. Space began to get to a minimum there toward the end of the Southeast Asia trip. I crammed this particular piece of the Baggallini Cosmetics Trio into my carry on with great force to make all of my excess purchases fit. This cosmetics case came out unscratched and maintained it's shape every single time.


Medium Black Cosmetic Case

Pictured: My Medium Baggallini Black Cosmetic Case at Sunrise Premium Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam.

This cosmetic case got dubbed the "VIC" or "Very Important Case" on this Southeast Asia trip. Everyone in the family knew how to identify it because this black cosmetic bag was designated as the holder of the Gluten Testing Capsules needed for use with our Nima Portable Gluten Testing Sensor.

The following qualities stood out for me when using this Baggallini medium sized case:

Durable. This medium sized black cosmetics carryall got quite a bit of wear and tear because it served an important role in our travels. It was carried daily, and provided a quick and easy way for me to identify where the Gluten Testing Capsules were located.

Size. For being classified as medium sized, this cosmetics bag proved to hold quite a lot. When full, we could store 16 Nima Gluten Testing Capsules at one time. With the language barrier, the fact that "gluten" doesn't really translate in any of the countries we visited, and gluten hides in sauces like soy, oyster, and fish sauce widely used in the region, we were blowing through quite a few of these capsules every day to keep Kid Allergy safe.

Side Panels. One of the things I appreciated most about this case was the side fabric that sits on either side of the zipper. Because I was opening and closing this cosmetic bag multiple times during a meal to access testing capsules, the fabric held the items in place safely. As these items were not replaceable being so far from their point of origin in San Francisco, this small detail helped me feel more at ease that I had chosen this bag for the storage of something so precious to the health and well-being of my child.

Baggallini Cosmetic Case

Small Charcoal Cosmetic Case

Pictured: My Small Baggallini Charcoal Cosmetic Case in DFW at the start of the trip.

This compact case was slated to house our medical emergency items. Thankfully, we didn't access it too often this trip with the exception of mending a bleeding leg in Laos, and curing a fever in Vietnam.

So, what exactly did we like best about this compact travel item?

Size. When space is at a premium, nobody really wants to take up valuable space with stuff that may or may not be needed. This charcoal small cosmetic zippered pouch packed a boatload without taking up too much real estate in my  Anti-Theft Baggallini Large Hobo. I managed to cram a surprising amount of stuff leaving me feel like my medical kit was lacking nothing: two bottles of chewable fever reducer in Junior Strength, a few Pedialyte Powder Packets, one tube of Cortizone cream, a couple of packets of Culturelle Kids, a small thermometer, a few bandages, some Neosporin, and some alcohol wipes.

Baggallini Large Clear Cosmetics Case at Aloft San Francisco Airport Hotel

Should You Buy?

We put these three Baggallini cosmetic cases to the test, and they came out shining after being carried through five countries continuously for a month. The three sizes were super versatile, and they simply have the capability to go way beyond just storing makeup.

Another fun fact: This cosmetic trio set can be stored inside one another which acts as a great space saver if you feel like you just can't handle any more stuff. I'm willing to bet you won't need that though. My trio set has found new life holding useful things from around the house now that we aren't traveling anymore.

In the end, it really made me wonder. Why, oh why, had I waited so very long to make a switch to a TSA approved clear toiletry case? It's not like this is our first trip abroad. I mean, the Kid Allergy Travel family is on the go and traveling pretty consistently one to three times a month.

I guess, it all boils down to sometimes old habits just die hard. Thankfully, my experience with this Baggallini Cosmetics Trio Set convinced me to never travel that way again.

Please note Kid Allergy Travel did receive complimentary products from Baggallini. Although this was part of an agreement with the brand in exchange for our review during our Southeast Asia travels, rest assured, the opinions provided in the post by Kid Allergy Travel remain our own. Photos by Kid Allergy Travel.


Ready to Buy?

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