Baggallini Large Hobo – The Ultimate Anti-Theft Travel Handbag

Large Hobo by Baggallini at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Anti-Slash Strap & Front Fabric Panel

Adjustable strap is perfect to protect your valuables from slash and go theft.

Locking Top & Front Zippers

Ward off pickpockets with the ability to lock the top and front zippers.

RFID-Blocking Wristlet

Attached wallet protects your credit cards & passport info from being scanned and stolen.

How do you travel around the world with two kids under 10 years of age? My answer is always the same - make sure you have the right travel gear. Throw in a medical ailment, and you double the amount of stuff required to take along. While we admit that sometimes the promise of cool travel gadgets can turn out to be more luxury than necessity, I am very proud to announce that this particular Baggallini crossbody anti-theft hobo travel bag is nothing short of an absolute necessity when traveling with children. And, if you happen to be embarking on travel with allergies like our family, I am willing to bet you see the value of this ingenious Baggallini travel purse almost right away.

Why Baggallini?


When Kid Allergy Travel began preparing for the Southeast Asia family adventure, we targeted a couple of great sponsors across all industries that we felt would really be value added for family and allergy travel. There are several travel handbag brands out there, so why exactly did we choose to partner with Baggallini?

Yes, this brand has a long standing history as a provider of lightweight and functional women's travel bags and travel accessories. But...that wasn't really it. Was it because the brand was created by two female entrepreneurs? Perhaps, I targeted Baggallini because the company founders were experienced Delta Airlines flight attendants who built the product based upon years of worldwide travel experience?

Nope. The truth all began with me coveting a friend's handbag.

My love affair began when my friend picked up the Anywhere Large Hobo Tote for a trip to D.C. and began talking it up for the functionality. You know the type: incredibly organized and practical lady able to manage three kids, a full time job, while completing her graduate degree in her spare time.

But...I loved her bag for the looks. Like...I started to notice I was eyeballing that crossbody at class functions. I would find myself checking it out after we lunched. In the end, this brand really got me because it was a far cry from the traditional black travel crossbody carryall of old. I wanted something with a bit more flare and a tad more style. And, when I found out they had a whole line filled with anti-theft functionality that looked just as updated, I knew this brand just had to be the one.

The Baggallini Anti-Theft Travel Bag Collection

This is the line that offers the ultimate in travel safety providing you lots of bells and whistles. The Baggallini Anti-Theft Travel Bag Collection is priced starting at $78 US dollars. There are three different type of bags included in this line:

  • The Festival Bag is the smallest and is equipped to carry the bare minimum.
  • The Convertible Backpack is for those who prefer to switch carrying the load from their side to their backs.
  • The Crossbody comes in a few different sizes and styles giving you the choice of a slim, crossover or hobo.

All are equipped with the Securetex anti-slash front pocket, wire lined anti-slash adjustable strap, locking zippers, and RFID-protecting attached wristlet.

Why the Anti-Theft Crossbody Large Hobo?

Traveling for a month across Southeast Asia required two major things: anti-theft functionality and space. Determined to travel with on board luggage only, the incredibly small sizing limitations of the international carry on meant I had to cram a whole bunch into my travel purse. I did like the convertible backpack in the Anti-Theft Collection, but ultimately the Large Hobo looked like it offered me the most space and versatility.

Where did my Baggallini go this trip?

The itinerary included six cities: Dallas, San Francisco, Singapore, Luang Prabang, Bangkok, and Hoi An.

We traveled with one Large Hobo Tote from the Anti-Theft Collection and the Cosmetic Trio Set. For more details about our experience traveling with the three cosmetic bags in Southeast Asia, check out our Baggallini Cosmetic Trio Case Review.

What I Loved Most About My Baggallini

Now that the experience is done and gone, I want to share some of our favorite things about this particular bag from a month of on the go family and gluten free adventure travel. For anyone considering the purchase of this bag for an upcoming trip, here is my honest take on what we loved about our experience with this Baggallini Anti-Theft travel bag product.


We noticed that motorcycle traffic was particularly heavy in the cities we visited in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. And, with all those motorcycles flying about, we were glad to avoid the drive by slash and go theft that is particularly notorious in these parts. The Securetex lined front pocket, wire reenforced strap, and locking top and front zippers kept me feeling safe amongst all the chaos.

Pictured my Baggallini Hobo in Bangkok, Thailand.

Holding Hands

I found myself needing my hands for wrangling my two kids under 10 years of age because the streets were lined with either vehicles or people throughout our Southeast Asia trip. And, coming from the United States, not every country used the same traffic rules so my kids would look left when they really needed to look right for example. Being able to lock the top zipper and the front pocket were invaluable when I needed my hands to hold onto children in the busy Southeast Asia city streets.

Pictured my Baggallini Hobo on the streets of Luang Prabang, Laos.


All who travel want to protect their personal items. But, when you travel with allergies, your personal items can sometimes be the difference between sickness, health and/or even a matter of life or death. Those who need quick access to medical necessities like Epipens can't risk getting robbed. Our allergy must have for a trip like this is the portable gluten sensor called Nima. Also needed, the one time use Nima testing capsules needed for the portable testing device. Wheat and gluten is used all over the place in Southeast Asia including oyster sauce, fish sauce, and soy sauce. Thank you wire straps, slash-proof outer pocket, and locking zippers for keeping our invaluable allergy travel items safe.

Pictured my Baggallini Hobo on the streets of Hoi An, Vietnam.


Although I wouldn't be classified as a fashionista because I spend most of my excess dollars on travel, I do admit that I have an unhealthy obsession with European designer handbags. So much, in fact, that I am one of those people that spends just as much time visiting the shops in Italy as I do seeing the art and artifacts. Unfortunately, however, this attraction to the look of something has sometimes led me down a path of sacrificing functionality, comfort, and even durability. I knew our long term travels to Southeast Asia would require an Anti-Theft purse of some kind, and after I found myself daydreaming about my friend's crossbody, I was tickled to see that Baggallini could deliver something I would actually enjoy carrying throughout some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Pictured my Baggallini Hobo on the WaterB Cruise in Singapore.


It is 110 degrees Fahrenheit plus one thousand percent humidity, there are a host of mosquito borne diseases to watch out for, and you have to wear special footwear to ward off the leeches. Thankfully, I didn't have to worry about the comfort of my carryall while hiking for hours across the jungle. My Baggallini was lightweight and sturdy enough to hold our 2 liter bladder of filtered water along with four reusable fold flat cups to keep everyone hydrated during our treks.

Pictured my Baggallini Hobo and my "leech boots" provided by Mandalao before a hike in Luang Prabang, Laos.


I mean...I knew I needed a bunch of stuff to make it through this journey with two kids and one food allergy, but when we set out I didn't really account for leaving space for the things we would buy while we traveled. A forgotten hat for Kid Allergy led us to purchase one in Singapore. Laundry Detergent for hand washing clothing was purchased in Bangkok. A shawl to cover my shoulders to maintain modesty and respect was picked up in Laos. When I thought I could stuff nothing more into this travel bag, my Large Hobo seemed to provide me with just enough space. It was even roomy enough to carry my 12 inch MacBook Air Computer!

Pictured my Baggallini Hobo at the checkin counter for Singapore Airlines at San Francisco Airport.

Double Agent

Remember how I said we would only be bringing carry ons for this long term Southeast Asia trip? That meant I needed this Baggallini handbag to serve as a double agent: an airport carry on for most of the journey, but also an evening bag, beach bag, and computer case for the rest. This bag pulled off all of its jobs without issue, and proved to me that it really can have a million lives and a trillion uses.

Pictured my Baggallini Hobo acting as our family beach bag in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Must Have or Luxury?

Can one travel bag actually tick all the boxes? Did I really love this bag that much?

In the end, this Baggallini Large Hobo pretty much achieved a perfect score with this month long traveling family. As a matter of fact, it was hands down my absolute favorite travel gear item we brought along with us this trip.

I wouldn't change one thing about this bag, and based upon the stellar record of performance during our travels throughout Southeast Asia, Baggallini has proven to me that this Anti-Theft Travel Bag is made with superior quality in mind, a well thought out design, and a versatile style.

My only note has to do with one of the security features. Remember how the front pocket of the Anti-Theft Baggallini Hobo is lined with wire? Make sure to be mindful of what you put in that area.  I threw a pair of sunglasses inside that pouch without the case. When I pulled them out, I noticed a couple of tiny scratches on the sides. Make sure to be conscious of what you place in the front pocket. If you happen to think something might not mix well against a wire lined pocket, I recommend using one of the other areas of the handbag to store that item.

Ultimately, my feelings can be summed up like this:

Can travel be done without a specialized fancy anti-theft travel bag like this one? Absolutely. Do I ever want to do it again without this Baggallini handbag? Never.

Please note Kid Allergy Travel did receive complimentary products from Baggallini. Although this was part of an agreement with the brand in exchange for our review during our Southeast Asia travels, rest assured, the opinions provided in the post by Kid Allergy Travel remain our own. Photos by Kid Allergy Travel.

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