Come & Stay A While @ the Lazy Dog

Evoking the cozy feeling of a Wyoming lodge, the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar surrounds you with a cheery canine themed environment providing comfort food to warm the soul. Whether you choose to dine at the bar, on the patio or in the main dining area, this place will keep you entertained with the "lazy dog tale." Complete with a large stone hearth and pictures of doggies all around, you will want to "Sit. Stay. Eat. Play." just like the awning says. They provide a separate menu for those with gluten sensitivities (along with a big disclaimer the kitchen is not entirely gluten free) but Kid Allergy has eaten at one of the DFW area locations frequently and he has never been victim to cross contamination (yet). They offer plenty of healthy gluten free veggies and fruit side options that will appeal to kids & parents alike, such as, carrots with a side of ranch and sliced apples. Plus, they even have gluten free dessert made with almond flour!

Multiple Locations Include:

Northern & Southern California, the Denver area of Colorado, Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas, the Las Vegas area of Nevada




Kid Allergy - one and a half thumbs up

He doesn't love all the dishes but after some trial & error we found some that have become favorites.

Mom - one and a half thumbs up

I do enjoy the food & ambiance but don't always enjoy pushing Kid Allergy to eat something I just paid a small fortune for that he doesn't find appealing.

Mom Notes:

Although there is a huge disclaimer that talks of potential cross contamination and whatnot, I have found that there has been a bunch of care surrounding "gluten sensitive" orders. We have even had them remake a dish because there was a slight risk of cross contamination and they do ring it as "gluten sensitive" on the ticket--at least the DFW location we frequent has. But all the legalese can be concerning. Please speak with your independent location before taking any chances for your safety.

Stick to the basics for kids. There are some bold flavors on that gluten sensitive menu that Kid Allergy doesn't always find appealing.

Hits: cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce and shrimp tacos.

Misses: The Hummus Platter. He didn't like the lemon aftertaste of the traditional and found the feta flavor too spicy. Also, the Sweet & Spicy Wok Bowl got a bunch of push back because the texture of the chicken was "weird."