Cozy Comfort Food w/ a Great GF Menu @ Charleston’s

When we want to enjoy some tasty southern specialities in a warm, kid friendly environment, my family heads to Charleston's Restaurant. The dining room is dimly lit with dark wood paneling all around, and there are booths a plenty to fit your whole family. They have a dedicated gluten free menu that serves up roasted chicken, steak and the grilled fish of the day, but also gives you a more moderately priced option that can be made gluten free from the kids menu.

Kid Allergy's favorites include: The Baby Back Ribs, vegetable of choice and baked beans. Just don't forget to bring your own gluten free BBQ sauce (unfortunately, they serve them dry because their sauce isn't made without allergens). In addition, the fruit and cheese plate from the kids menu is also a hit. To make it gluten free, just ask them to omit the crackers.

As a busy mom on the go, I love the curbside call in service. Our family can grab a homemade meal, cooked with care, that makes me feel is safe enough to feed my child that must eat gluten free. You have an infant in the car and don't want to lug your brood to pickup your to go order? No problem! Simply pull in to their designated parking space and someone will come out to greet you, handle payment and load the food in your car for you.

UPDATE: September 2018

Be careful of soups here. Someone posted on an area gluten free Facebook board that they requested vegetable soup and was assured the soup was gluten free. When that person began eating it, they discovered pasta was unfortunately an ingredient of this vegetable soup. Perhaps stick to more straight forward products here like dry ribs or steamed veggies if you are concerned about general education of staff on what is and what isn't gluten free.

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