Artfully Prepared Gluten Free Pizza @ Fireside Pies

Looking for an artisan neighborhood pizza joint with and intimate setting that is both kid and gluten free friendly? Look no further than your local Fireside Pies. Scattered throughout the DFW Metroplex, this dining establishment tops the list of favorites for Kid Allergy along with the rest of the family. You may order your pizza with a gluten free crust provided by Smart Flour Foods for an additional $4.00 charge or you may order some as a bread substitute for any other dish that normally includes bread. Surprisingly, they do not use any gluten products as binders in their hearty meatballs but sadly, their incredibly tasty handmade pastas do not come in a gluten free variety.

Multiple Locations Include:

Inwood, Grapevine, Henderson, Plano and Fort Worth


Kid Allergy - two thumbs up

Lauded as one of his favorite places that serves gluten free pizza, Kid Allergy especially loves coming here for the meatball appetizer prepared without gluten products. He loves that it is served upon request with a side of gluten free bread to sop up all the bubbling tomato sauce and melted cheese.

Mom - two thumbs up

Any place that has this many gluten free kid friendly options for Kid Allergy wins a small place in my heart. Plus, I love that I am not always just stuck eating unhealthy things like pizza and pasta because they have an excellent selection of hearty salads if you are looking to eat on the lighter side. They also have creative cocktails served in fun glasses along with a fantastic assortment of local craft beers if the adults are looking to add a little something more snazzy to this pizza place experience.

Mom Notes:

If you have dairy concerns please be aware that the gluten free meatballs do come standard smothered in melted cheese.

Also, while the pepperoni is gluten free Kid Allergy is a bit freaked out by the fresh variety they serve. It isn't the pre-processed round version our kids are used to eating so while this sounds great to me it does not appeal to my nine year old. Honestly, who knows if it tastes different or not because my son was so worried about the shape being "odd" he wouldn't even give it a chance. If this is something that might deter your kid from giving it a shot you might want to steer clear of it.

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