Flavor Packed Gluten Free Baked Goods @ Stir Crazy

When in Fort Worth's hip Near Southside neighborhood, Kid Allergy loves to head to Stir Crazy Baked Goods for a sweet treat. The shop is so beautifully decorated and cozy, you will never want to leave. They generally have one or two gluten free selections available in a shared display window so, depending on your tolerance, you can decide if being part of this shared space will work for you as a walk in customer.

Or, if you need slightly more stringent handling procedures, you can always custom order your allergen free baked goods. They do have a special prep area and cookware to try and decrease cross contamination, but it is not an allergen free bakery. As always, we recommend that you ask questions and gage for yourself if you are particularly allergen sensitive.

What really sets this particular bakery apart for my family is taste. Stir Crazy has a gift at producing gluten free cakes that guests unaccustomed to eating gluten free baked goods actually enjoy.

Another plus? They can make custom vegan orders as well. Just remember that any custom order placed as gluten free or vegan does come with an additional $5 charge to cover the cost of allergen free materials. Also, make sure to allow at least 48 hours before your order is needed. They do need some time to make sure they have the special ingredients available.