Fort Worth Museum of Science and History | Polar Express Pajama Party

We have always had a small place in our heart for this particular Museum being locals to the Fort Worth area. But until now, the Kid Allergy Travel family had not had the opportunity to attend their Polar Express Pajama Party. So when the chance arose to partner up (via sponsorship) with the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, we were intrigued.

Originally, I thought that the Pajama Party would be ideal for our 5-year-old with a visit from Santa, hot chocolate, and Kindergarten-centered holiday themed activities. But, when we entered the museum through the Omni Theater entrance, it quickly became evident that these were no ordinary Christmas crafts. Three of the four activity stations set up in the halls between the Dinosaur Exhibit and the Gift Store were science-based and actually really great for the 4th grade crowd too.

The little one and his short attention span dug making his own Reindeer Food and coloring a giant marshmallow with edible food coloring markers.

And, soon after, my youngest was ready to visit Santa who was adorably placed inside the life-sized trolly car for photo ops inside the Children's Museum exhibit.

Then, our Kindergartner squeezed in some non-holiday activities like driving an ambulance, doing some grocery shopping, and playing trains (perfect for any small one who needs to get the wiggles out before the show).

Kid Allergy enjoyed putting his decorated marshmallow to the air pressure tests at Snowmen Under Pressure ,and playing with various materials to change the surface of ice at Icy Experiments.

He was engaged and excited that he could ask a million questions about science to a captive audience donning festive holiday attire.

Ultimately, they both ended up settling at the Dinosaur Exhibit where even the electronic tablets featured holiday motifs like wreaths and presents.

After about half an hour of fun, we started rounding up the troops to make our way toward the Omni IMAX Theater. This eight-story domed theater with 30-degree stadium seating has been providing larger than life experiences to audiences for over 30 years. We were definitely all excited to watch one of our favorite holiday classics in magical proportions. But first, hot chocolate!

How do you kick a hot cocoa station up a notch? Teach kids something about the history of the drink at the same time they are filling their cups with mini marshmallows!

Before the show, everyone gets their own yellow ticket to ride the Polar Express, and even their own reindeer bell to make sure all in the theater still believe. The Train Conductor and Santa come out to visit the audience before the show. My favorite part? They ask all the kids to ring their bells, then wisely request that once they get it out of their system they hand it over to an adult for the entirety of the show.

All in all, the Polar Express Pajama Party  at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History was magical. I was thrilled that this holiday event was thought provoking for all ages and integrated science and learning with a Christmasy twist.

Will we be back? For certain.

The bell has never stopped ringing for me.

Participating in holiday traditions like this Museum sponsored event put a focus on family and create lasting memories. Thank you Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for helping families like mine keep the spirit of Christmas alive.


  • Bring kids of all ages. Trust us. This event will totally work for your youngest to oldest kiddo. Kid Allergy was not the only 4th grader in attendance. His classmate and his High School brother were full on decked-out in PJs and participating at the party.
  • You can eat gluten free. Swing by the Concession Stand for Popcorn, Dill Pickles, Nachos (made with Rico's Original Nacho Chips), and Boar's Head Deli Tray for gluten free food.
  • They serve adult beverages. "Is that Wine?" A mommy in front of us in line caught a whiff of my Chardonnay and had to know for sure. Don't miss your chance to settle in, enjoy your favorite mom or dad bevie, and relax while in the theater!
  • Send someone to stand in line. Seats are first come first serve. We got in line 20 minutes before and were lucky to get 4 seats together. Every show sells out. If you have a big group and want to sit together we suggest you arrive early and wait.

Kid Allergy Travel received sponsored admission to the Polar Express Pajama Party and the Omni IMAX Theater. Although this was part of a media visit, rest assured, the opinions provided in the post by Kid Allergy Travel remain our own. Photos by Kid Allergy Travel.