We are asked all the time how does our family travel so much with more than one young child and a kid with an allergy? Honestly, we try out a mountain of travel gear and make a large investment in lots and lots of gluten free snacks!

Kid Allergy Travel by no means believes that any one of these things are necessary for successful travel with children--with or without an allergy. But, we are here to share our experience with products that have aided in keeping this world trekking gluten free family happy, healthy and/or safe. Sometimes the introduction of the smallest new thing will keep your sanity together just when you need it most. Even after jet lag. Even after sharing abnormally small living quarters for 10 days straight. Even after that toddler meltdown in the middle of your hour and a half wait in the Customs & Immigration line. So, be sure to check them out to see if any of these things could be the next sanity saver for your next family adventure.

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