Max’s Kicks Southern Cooking Up a Notch w/ GF Fried Chicken & Champagne

Fried Chicken & Champagne from Max's Wine Dive? WHY THE HELL NOT.

That’s the slogan for Max’s Wine Dive. But, it should really say "GLUTEN FREE fried chicken." Because that’s exactly what you will find here: incredible down home southern food, most made with gluten conscious eaters in mind.

You see, Jerry Lasco is the CEO of Max’s and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after opening the upscale southern comfort food dive bar. He couldn’t imagine living life without one of his favorite staples: fried chicken. It took the culinary professionals time to come up with the recipe of rice flour, potato starch, tapioca, dehydrated cauliflower and jalapeño spice for the gluten free batter. They also worked on procedures to make sure that cross contamination is taken seriously because Jerry personally understands the ramifications. You can read more about this labor of love in the The Austin Chronicle.

For those of you with kids out there, please know that although the name says "Bar," it is still child friendly. This is one of Kid Allergy’s favorite spots to eat safe and tasty gluten free fried chicken and French fries (and yes, they have a dedicated fryer). Don't miss the yummy brunch but also don't discredit it as a great kid friendly gluten free option for dinner with your little ones.

Multiple Locations Include:

Two in the Houston area, Austin, San Antonio and Denver