Hoian Eco Coconut Tour: Basket Boat Fishing – Vietnam w/ Kids

Basket Boat fishing is one of those bucket list opportunities that is specific to Vietnam and must be experienced when visiting the Hoi An/Danang region of this country. Said to have come from the creativity of Vietnamese fisherman in response to taxes levied by the Colonial French on boats, these conical baskets were engineered to support local fishing practices tax free.

We had the opportunity to partner up with Hoian Eco Coconut Tour (via sponsorship) offering a three part tour in the Hoi An area that included some time riding in these iconic Vietnamese vessels. This is our detailed review of the second part of the Eco Tour & Cooking Class featuring a boat ride from the food market to the canals of Bay Mau nipa forest where you will board a traditional Vietnamese basket boat and fish for crabs.

Part II: Basket Boat Fishing Tour

Once you finish the Food Market Tour, you will walk a few paces to board a boat for your next leg of the Eco Tour & Cooking Class.

While it may initially seem like this youngster will be driving your boat, you'll be glad to know he is just manning the helm while the real boat captain is helping finish up last minute details after pushing away from the dock.

It is a nice gentle ride along the river offering a picturesque view of daily life in Hoi An, Vietnam. No sea sickness and no boredom during this ride for our family. The kids had plenty to watch to hold their interest.


Upon arrival to the crab fishing spot, the folks on your tour are placed two by two into traditional Vietnamese basket boats to begin the crab fishing.

Everyone is given two things once inside the boat: a traditional Vietnamese conical hat called Non La and a pole which was really just a stick with some bait tied to the end.

It was already sprinkling when we sat in our boat, so my family all happily donned our conical hats straight away. The conical hat has no ties to gender or class, and is a proud symbol of Vietnamese history, culture, and beauty.

The roots of this conical hat rest with a legend of a giant woman who lives in the sky and shields humanity by deflecting the dangers associated with flash flooding and torrential downpours off the sides of the revolutionary cone shaped hat. Not just a protectorate, the Rain-shielding Goddess also gave knowledge of how to farm rice in rain drenched fields that has carried the Vietnamese people to prosperity throughout the seasons.

Some boats are tame like ours, but others are a rockin' experience featuring music blaring from a portable stereo and a dancing basket boat like this couple pictured here. My five year old really enjoyed the show and even sang along and clapped to the rhythm. This couple took it very well and laughed a bunch throughout the song and dance.

We visited during the rainy season. So, it was no surprise when it started raining pretty hard during this part of the outdoor tour. For those without protection, Hoian Eco Coconut Tours passed out rain ponchos pictured here.

Our family came prepared, however, so I held my portable travel umbrella in one hand and a crab fishing pole in the other. Meaning, I can't share any pictures of us actually luring out the crabs from the dense brush because my hands were already full. But, for those who are a little squeamish over the thought of gigantic man eating crabs emerging from the brush, don't worry about it. These little guys were not any bigger than the size of my palm. Even our five-year-old warmed up to the idea once he actually saw how harmless the tiny crabs were.

Upon disembarking your basket boat, your captain will hand you a little memento to remember the experience by. In my case, it was a little grasshopper pictured here that could be worn as a ring.

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The very last thing required to complete this part of the tour is a short walk from the basket boat to the cooking school. Once you go up the slight incline of the ramp pictured here, I would estimate it was roughly 5-10ish minutes away on an unpaved walkway before you arrive to your next destination to begin Part III of your Eco Tour & Cooking Class.

Kid Allergy Travel received complimentary admission to attend the Eco Tour & Cooking Class with Hoian Eco Coconut Tours. Although this was part of a media visit, rest assured, the opinions provided in the post by Kid Allergy Travel remain our own. Photos by Kid Allergy Travel.

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Wanna find out more about the price and availability for this tour and others offered by this tour company? Take a look at Hoian Eco Coconut Tour tour details page now.


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