Europe is synonymous with history and culture. Heritage sites number in the tens of thousands and although the land mass is considered relatively small for housing 50 countries, it is very densely populated. Conceptually thought of in terms of Western and Eastern territories, city sizes range from tiny like Vatican City in Italy to huge like Moscow in Russia. You can find lakes and ocean towns, town squares and plazas, mountain summits and quiet valleys all throughout this territory. The birthplace of art, wine, music, architecture and elevated gastronomy, Europe has captured many a heart with its winding alleyways, colorful shutters and doors, and uneven cobblestone streets. The vibe here is whimsical and urges visitors to live in the moment while all the while being surrounded by history. There are so many different places to discover throughout the continent that there are a lifetime worth of bucket list places to visit here. So hop on that Euro Rail or rent that convertible Italian sports car and begin your journey across one of the idyllic landmasses of them all.

Things to Do:

Off the Beaten Path in Italy

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