Kid Allergy Travel received a Liebster Award!

In German, “liebster” means dearest. Within the blogger community, a Liebster Award means you are recognized fondly by your fellow peers for valued work within the blogging world. Kid Allergy Travel is proud to announce that we were nominated for this prestigious blogger community award by Catherine at We Go With Kids and are tickled to accept such recognition.

What are the official rules of the Liebster Award?

Wanna learn more about this award? Check out the details of the Liebster Award from The Global Aussie.

What about the blog that nominated us?

So… who is We Go With Kids? The creators behind this site are a duo named Catherine and Nancy. Both are lawyers by trade, moms, and wives. These incredible ladies created their site as a labor of love to inspire others to “go with kids.” Their blog posts are informative, beautifully documented, and comprehensive. We met working together on collaborative posts such as Best Science Centers in the World, Best U.S. Zoos with Kids, and Best Family Weekend Getaways in California. We invite you to step into their world to learn about exotic places like Paris and Kauai, or maybe places closer to home like Connecticut and Nebraska.

Question & Answer Session

Part of the process of accepting the Liebster Award requires that the award winner go through the process of a question and answer session. These are our answers to the questions posed by We Go with Kids.

What is your best travel advice to new parents preparing to travel for the first time?

Don’t over schedule! Traveling with kids means you must be more flexible with your time. Cramming activities into one day that require physical exertion, kids to be still and quiet, and/or focus for a long extended period of time can be very taxing for the youngest members of your family. Make sure to mix it up and give kids of all ages the opportunity to have some down time during the day. This will make for happier and more patient children meaning a general more zen-like vacation experience for all.

What is the scariest travel experience you’ve ever encountered?

When I traveled alone before kids, my stories ran the gamut from being stopped by guerrillas in Peru to having my passport taken on the border of Chile. But, all of that seems to fade into the background when I became a mommy and started traveling with my wee ones.

My scariest travel experience with kids was medical in nature. I have always had a carefree attitude toward bringing a medical kit along. Sometimes it made it into my carryon. Other times, I forgot about it entirely. This just happened to be one of those times when I traveled without. At roughly 2am, two of the four members in the family come down with extremely high fevers, and because I carried no medical kit, I didn’t have a thermometer to know how high and I also didn’t have any fever reducing medicine on hand. The hotel we were staying at had no kid medication for purchase either. It ended with one of the adults wandering along the Downtown streets in the mid morning hours of an unfamiliar city questioning every open bodega if they carried child fever reducing medicine. Lesson: Don’t be caught without a well stocked medical kit when you travel!

What travel destination surprised you the most in terms of what you expected and what it was?

Laos. I have always had a strong connection to Latin America because the language, culture and beauty of the natural environment are so close to my Mexican American heritage. Who knew my real spirit animal happens to come in the form of a land locked Southeast Asian country once called the land of million elephants? Everything about this land should’ve registered as foreign to me–I don’t speak the language, don’t identify with the religious practices, my diet is loaded with dairy, and I am partial to being near the sea. But….this country spoke to me in a way that a place hadn’t in so many years. The people are kind and thoughtful and want to engage in intellectual discourse. The land and rivers are stunning. The wildlife is out of this world amazing. The food is unbelievably tasty. And the pace of this country is unhurried and deliberate to make sure that the details of living aren’t overshadowed by the noise of the everyday.

What are three things you love to do in your hometown that you recommend for visiting families?

I feel like I am lucky in that my hometown comprises of two major US cities-Dallas and Fort Worth in the great state of Texas. I have two downtowns at my disposal and two opportunities to enjoy cultural pursuits with my family. We recommend visiting both Natural History museums when in town: the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth. Both museums give you an excellent opportunity to enjoy hands-on activities with the kids while learning, and allow the ability to visit both cities while visiting the North Texas area. Plus, as the weather in Texas can be quite brutal during the summer months, it is always nice to have an indoor activity to enjoy with the kiddos.

Are there any food items that you always sample whenever you travel?

For our family, sampling food when traveling is always a challenge because Kid Allergy has to avoid eating anything containing wheat. #glutenfreelife So, while the rest of the traveling families might have the luxury of being able to try chicken fingers around the world, our family has to keep it to something a bit more simple like fresh fruit and veggies. Surprisingly, this is something that does yield great variance. Mangos taste fresher and meatier in Mexico. Cucumbers have more depth in Laos. Dragon fruit is at its finest in Vietnam. Mangosteens have a particularly sweet finish in Thailand. Our family looks forward to sampling local delicacies and we do find ourselves trying to compare something as simple as fruit and veggies around the globe to make our experiences more fun!

Our Liebster Award Nominations

Going into year two, Kid Allergy Travel has had the great opportunity to follow the journeys of many great bloggers in the family travel space. Our nominees for the Liebster Award are as follows:

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We encourage all in the Kid Allergy Travel community to keep an eye out for these family travel bloggers, and make sure to support their journey and their message!

Our Questions for our Nominees

  1. In the last year, what one travel item has proven to be the most valuable for your family?
  2. What one country stands out as a great travel destination for elementary aged kid travel and why?
  3. Do you choose your destination and make the finances work around your bucket list or do you look to your budget to dictate where your family travels?
  4. Name one example of the lessons learned by your children through travel?
  5. We know you travel with your immediate family members. Have you ever traveled with any other members of your extended family? If so, how did it go and would you do it again? If not, would you consider doing so in the future?