Ocean to Table Excellence @ Morgan’s

Tucked away in the Yacht Club area of seven mile beach in Grand Cayman, Morgan's Seafood Restaurant features an ocean-to-table concept. Relying on their fishing fleet to bring fresh fish in daily, Morgan's ticks all the boxes for island fine dining. The location has stunning water views and the service is unmatched. The environment is laid back enough to make you feel comfortable dining with a table of small kids like we did, yet upscale enough for you to feel like choosing a special bottle of wine to savor through your meal.

Crossing the threshold you feel like you are entering the warmth of someone's home. Glass patio doors are kept open allowing the breeze from the water to flow in. Candlelight glows atop the white clothed tables. Yacht themed items are all around and the see through wine cellar displays the most extensive Champagne list in the Cayman Islands.

Upon opening the menu, we found a special note for gluten free diners. For $3, our family could actually share the bread course together. Kid Allergy giggled with happiness.

Kid Allergy also loved that he could stick to the simplicity of kid food with their gluten free menu options. He ordered the grilled cheese sandwich tacking on another $3 for the use of gluten free bread. And, although they do not have a dedicated fryer, the chef changed the oil specifically so that Kid Allergy could enjoy French fries that were safely prepared without any potential wheat cross contamination.

WOW. Changing the oil in the fryer. That is a treat!

But, after a long day of snorkeling the reef, Kid Allergy also wanted to add a side of grilled veggies because he was so famished. I wasn't thrilled to add an additional $4 for those vegetables, but I decided to roll with it. Kid Allergy was making a healthy choice after all. If he was content with the meal, why not give up another $7 for the mealtime peace?

And, when the food arrived, we were all pleasantly surprised. The chef had included two grilled cheeses on Kid Allergy's plate. This was much more price appropriate than I originally thought. We did really get a good quantity of food in return for that extra $7 charge.

We all slowly savored our dishes and when the last morsel was eaten no one wanted to leave just yet. We lingered finishing up our excellent bottle of wine and hoped to extend our wonderful stay even longer with dessert. Sadly though, Morgan's did not have any sweet treats available that were gluten free.

But, that minor detail didn't crush any of the positive feelings we had for this stellar seafood restaurant. Everyone in my family enjoyed their meal and we all walked away thinking it might top the list for one of the best places to dine on the island.


Kid Allergy - two thumbs up

Gluten free bread course. Gluten free kiddie food. Changed the oil in the non dedicated fryer to make French fries safe. What's not to love?

Mom- two thumbs up

Loved everything about this place. Service was excellent and the food was divine.