Satri House – A Family-Friendly Luxury Hotel in Luang Prabang, Laos

Satri House Luang Prabang Courtyard

Luang Prabang is a city that attracts a certain kind of family. Laos is the type of destination that appeals to those who seek an off the beaten path experience. Once named the Land of a Million Elephants, Luang Prabang is for the traveler interested in quiet reflection, authentic adventure, and cultural immersion. So, when settling on the perfect lodging to compliment our stay in Laos, Satri House stood out as the kind of spot that could add magic to our family journey. // #sponsored //

Historic Destination

Built in 1904, Satri House was home to royalty. Inside these walls, you will discover the childhood estate of the resistance leader called the "Red Prince" and First President of the Lao People's Democratic Republic. The collection of French colonial style architectural buildings conjure the feelings of a bygone era where life was slower paced. At the Satri House, you can feel the space is designed in a way that connects you more to nature, oneself, and others around you. This hotel features a multitude of meandering paths and lounging areas, all created to help you tap into your zen.

Part of a Leading Asian Hotel Collection

We love that you get the benefit of staying at a locally Lao owned boutique resort that is part of the umbrella of a major collection of luxury Asian hotels and villas consisting of roughly 70 properties throughout 15 countries in the region. Secret Retreats carefully curates their properties to include intimate accommodations under 50 rooms, are located off the beaten path, highlight local customs, art and culture, and provide 5-star luxury service. And, this company doesn't just stop at offering guests lodging on land, they also have a Secret Retreats collection of luxury yachts and vessels throughout Asia to make sure you can extend your journey across water as well.

Five Star Accomodations

Luxurious Rooms

14 Deluxe Rooms, 14 Junior Suites & 3 Satri House Suites decorated with crafted wood furniture, Lao textiles, and local art accents.

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Bathing Space at Satri House

Spacious Bathrooms

Grand luxurious bathroom suites provide two different spaces: one for bathing with sink, rain shower and separate bathtub, and another with individual toilet and a small sink.

Patio for the Jr Suite Satri House Luang Prabang

Outside Garden Retreats

More than just a balcony space, these small garden spots provide guests plenty of area to enjoy the outside beauty of the Satri House with room for four to congregate at the outdoor table and are accented with wood and ceramic garden art and surrounded by serene landscaping.

Family-Friendly Common Areas

Pool Satri House Luang Prabang


Garden Lounge Area Satri House Laos

Garden Lounge Area

Welcome Lounge Satri House Laos

Check-In Area & Library

Dining at Satri House Luang Prabang, Laos


Lilly Pond Rest Area Satri House Laos

Lilly Pond Rest Area

Outdoor Bar Satri House Laos

Outdoor Garden Bar

The Perfect Family Retreat

Reading the Paper Satri House Laos
Coloring at Satri House Luang Prabang

"Retreat" being the optimal word. This is for the family that enjoys reflection. We recommend this hotel for the brood that can find their groove taking in the experience through rest and relaxation rather than high energy fueled escapades. If you normally go the route of finding a lodging option that provides a kids club or kid organized activities to entertain your youngest members on the hour, this probably won't be your kinda vibe. This is for the kid that can color quietly, build some legos to entertain themselves, get engrossed in reading a book, play solitaire or chess, or solve word puzzles after a day of activities.

To be honest, when we first arrived, our five year old was so struck by jet lag and exhaustion from our San Francisco and Singapore visits the weeks before, he was a bit jittery and loud during the check-in process. But, after some food, freshly squeezed lemonade, and a quick cat nap, our youngest member settled into the quiet mood and slow pace enjoyed at the Satri House.

Our children eventually enjoyed the ambiance here so much, they actually never wanted to leave. They loved being able to relax after a long day of being on the go and thought the food was so tasty that they had no desire to eat dinner anywhere else.

Amazing Food - Gluten Free & Otherwise

So admittedly, when we first arrived at Satri House, we did have a bit of a time trying to explain the food allergy. Like most of Southeast Asia, there wasn't really a direct translation for "gluten" in the Lao language. We #nimatested our first attempt at a gluten free meal and the fried rice came out with the result "gluten found."

We decided to give it another shot and, this time, asked for nothing more than white rice and cucumbers. The Nima Sensor returned our favorite smiley face signaling that the meal brought out on try #2 was gluten free and safe to eat. This put everyone at the table at ease and the waitstaff was very happy to see they had been able to accommodate Kid Allergy.

You might be thinking cucumbers and rice, really? But...let me tell you, Kid Allergy said he would specifically go back to Laos for these cucumbers alone. They were in his words "exquisite." And, although this may not be the most elaborate meal, for this ten year old boy, it was good enough to have him request dining at the Satri House Restaurant every single time he found hunger striking.

For those that don't live gluten free, make sure to try the croissants with the tamarind spread. I am willing to bet that you won't find a better croissant except maybe in France. Yeah...they are that mind-blowing folks!

Another family favorite? Dried Mekong River Weed. This is a local delicacy and our family fell in love with the crispy flavor and the flowery aroma.

Breakfast Noodles Laos Satri House
Whole Fish Satri House Dining Laos
Fruit Satri House Dining Laos
Spring Rolls Satri House Laos

Impeccable Service

Every member of the staff was attentive, caring, and eager to provide 5-star customer service. It never felt overbearing or intrusive. We simply felt well-cared for without feeling smothered. My children would look forward to seeing the General Manager (an Australia fellow named Robert) every morning before we headed out on another Luang Prabang adventure. And, when the day was through, the children eagerly retold their activities with the restaurant staff during dinner.

Something about Satri House felt different from your cookie cutter luxury hotel chain. Yes, it felt tranquil and the facilities were high class here just like those other resorts, but I had a comfort level at this historic hotel that seemed unmatched at other places. Satri House almost felt like a more elevated and relaxed version of our home.

Perhaps, it was the little touches that won me over.

French Press and locally roasted coffee available in room. These were perfect for mornings spent on our little private garden patio watching the sunrise while the roosters crowed to welcome the day.

Hats, pool bag, & fan to help guests cool down during the intense Laos summer heat. Available in room for use during your stay and/or purchase to take home as a little souvenir.

Afternoon snacks offered daily in room or in one of the many outdoor relaxation areas.

We also loved that we could request that our in room refrigerator be stocked with beverages of our choice to make for an impromptu happy hour celebration in the comfort of your own room.

Lots of Space to Recharge

This is where you expect me to talk about the Spa, right? Well, like most of my family vacations, I sadly didn't get to experience it. But, it did look beautiful and if you can find a moment to slip away without kids, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Instead, recharging at Satri House for me came in the form of finding quiet spots throughout the property where our family could get away from it all.

Luang Prabang proved to be a very active vacation for our family of four. Returning to Satri House everyday, we found that everyone needed a reset before heading off to dinner or our scheduled evening activity. We appreciated that there were plenty of nooks and crannies available to settle in without running into another guest.

Blissful Sleeping Arrangements

Three things must be mentioned regarding the sleeping quarters at the Satri House for families.

  • The air conditioner is a powerful machine. We visited Laos during the excruciating heat of the summer months and this room was exactly what our family needed as a reprieve from the sometimes overwhelming intensity of the sun.
  • The bed was out of this world comfy and the bed linens hand crafted in Laos were the most luxurious things quite possibly in the whole universe. So good, in fact, we bought some to bring home to our own Master Bedroom in Texas.
  • Do you see that rollaway bed over in the corner near the curtain in this picture? The Junior Suite was large enough to handle TWO rollaway beds-- something quite unique from the rest of our hotel stays throughout Southeast Asia. It may not be called a Family Suite folks but don't be fooled. This room is spacious enough that everyone had their own bed and plenty of space to stretch out and lounge throughout the other areas of the sleeping quarters.

The Location

Our family finds that walking throughout a new city helps you get a feel for the environment. Although the novelty of a tuk tuk is exciting every once in a while, we want to be immersed in the vibe of a place instead of trying to put our finger on it as it passes us by through a window. If this is your mentality as well, you will find the location of Satri House to work perfectly for your brood.

Where could we go easily with a walking five year old amongst us?

  • A thirty second walk from Manda de Lao, one of the most tranquil restaurants in all of Luang Prabang with a dedicated gluten free menu.
  • Ten minutes walk from a cash machine and pharmacy.
  • A solid 15 minute walk to the edge of the night market.
  • Roughly 25 minutes to the base of Mount Phousi where you can begin an amazing journey straight up the mountain to view a Luang Prabang sunset.

Goodbye Satri House

The morning we left Laos, I awoke early to squeeze in one last stroll through the exquisite grounds of Satri House.

As the Kid Allergy Travel family was loading the private airport transport offered by Satri House, we saw Robert, the General Manager, walking up the bamboo shaded driveway. He wasn't working this early in the a.m., but Robert had made the effort to come see our family off because we had missed saying goodbye the previous night. As the children were chattering with excitement to tell Robert about the Kuang Si Waterfall visit the day before, I turned to give this remarkable lodging one last look. I had come to regard this location as more than a quiet rest stop. In the end, I had fallen in love with the feeling of home.

"Where we love is home,
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Homesick in Heaven

Until we meet again Satri House.

Kid Allergy Travel received a discounted rate for this stay with Satri House. Although this was part of a media visit, rest assured, the opinions provided in the post by Kid Allergy Travel remain our own. Photos by Kid Allergy Travel.

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How do you find your inner peace? ✨A quiet place to lounge? ✨Meditation? ✨A strong coffee & a good book? ✨A nap in the shade after a good swim? ✨An excellent glass of wine after a hearty meal? —- Better yet, how do you find it when traveling with kids? —— Sometimes (admittedly) this can be hard, but the trick is to find the right kind of lodging arrangement that offers an atmosphere & vibe that promotes it. 🔹🔹🔹Nothing pretentious. Something warm & welcoming. —— // #sponsored // When I set my sites on partnering with @satrihouse I just had a hunch that this was going to be the kind of place that adds to the magic of Laos. When we arrived seemed very VERY quiet. Was it going to be too quiet for two little boys under the age of 10?🤔🤔🤔🤔 ——- It took all of an hour to settle in here & then we all began to find our zen. Everyone enjoyed exploring & settling quietly into a different spot each afternoon. Plenty of nooks & crannies to find your privacy away from other guests to let your family just be. Our kids actually begged to eat dinner here every night because they felt so comfortable with the service, Laotian cuisine & environment. They asked where the General Manager (Robert) was on a daily basis so they could retell him their tales of adventure. The kids felt happy here (ie) the hubby & I could enjoy our stay here that much more. —- A place can be too curated, too serene, & too beautiful when traveling with kids. But, thankfully, Satri House struck the right balance to make it feel like a more peaceful version of “home.” —— #visitlaos #satrihouse #satrihousehotel #satrihouseluangprabang #satrihousehotelluangprabang #satrihousegarden #satrihouserestaurant #luangprabang #luangprabangfood #lovelylaos #familytravel #southeastasia #adventurefamily #kidallergytravel #glutenfreetravel #travelwithkids #takeyourkidseverywhere #theworldisbeautiful #bestboutiquehotel #sponsoredpost #ad #kidfriendly #beautifulhotel #southeastasiahotel #famtravelfriends

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