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San Antonio is undeniably rooted in Mexican and Texas culture and the dining scene has traditionally found a way to meld those two flavors. While this type of cuisine holds a special place in my heart because it brings back memories of food crafted by my own Mexican mother, it unfortunately relies heavily on things like lard, mountains of cheese and incredibly thick sauces to bring out that authentic yummy taste. So, as the Kid Allergy Travel family began planning our trip, we were on a mission to find a restaurant in San Antonio that could touch upon that Tex-Mex flare but in a more wholesome way.

We were told by the fine folks at the Pearl Brewing District that The Good Kind was an absolute must visit for a family that had food goals just like ours. They mentioned that the menu was focused on serving up healthy farm to table concepts that could accommodate all kinds of diners governed by various dietary restrictions and preferences. So, we contacted the owner and chef of The Good Kind, and our #sponsored partnership was born.

The What, How & Why Behind The Good Kind

The owner and chef of The Good Kind is cleverly named Tim the Girl. Although not a native Texas, she moved from Canada right when the culinary revolution was burgeoning in sunny San Antonio. As a single mother, Tim was committed to creating a food based career that allowed her to doing something she loved, while also allowing her enough flexibility to spend quality time with her son. She started a catering company focused on tasty wholesome cuisine, and over the years, her business has blossomed. Currently, in addition to the catering business, Chef Tim's empire now includes two restaurant locations- one in the Pearl Brewing section of town in a food hall concept called Pearl Cafe and another more secluded concept in Southtown located a short skip and a jump right outside the Riverwalk part of town.

With success like this, so come the accolades. Her latest came in 2019 when Chef Tim McDiarmid was chosen for one of the 20 spots available the James Beard Foundation Fellowship called WEL which stands for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.


Our Visit to The Good Kind Southtown

Our visit happened to be around the same time all the kids got out of school for Thanksgiving Break. This meant sadly that we missed meeting Tim The Girl in person because she already had plans to go camping with her child. (#familyfirst #momslifeisthebestlife) So, instead, we had the pleasure of meeting another long-time employee who shared some great info.

The website calls the Southtown location a ‘Downtown Garden Oasis’ and these folks really aren’t kidding.

The expansive property connects you to the beauty of the city around you, while the kitchen aims to nourish your body and soul.

All orders are placed indoors at a counter and then you are sent on your way to explore the space and choose a dining spot that fits your mood. The weather was spectacular on this particular November day so we chose to skip the countertops available indoors and get out there and wander.

The kids immediately gravitated to a circular table that housed a jumbo-sized Jenga. Comfy outdoor padded chairs provided a respite for mom and dad to enjoy the lush gardens. From here, we were able to view the Tower of the Americas. This 750-foot-tall building is left from the 1968 World's Fair and defines the San Antonio skyline.

I think the most enjoyable part of this experience happened to be that you aren’t tied to a table. When you place an order at the counter, you are given one of these numbers pictured above. The whole Kid Allergy Travel family thoroughly enjoyed being free to roam the property.

It allowed us to connect with other patrons that we discovered in different hidden parts of the garden, and also allowed the time to be passed actually doing something instead of just sitting with wiggly squirmy kids for our food to come out.

Where did we go?

The covered tent area with comfy lounge seating, proper tables and chairs, and heat lamps (in case you visit during a time where there is a chill in the air!).

A converted shipping container.

The brightly colored Adirondack chairs next to tiki torches.

The Food

In general, here are some gluten free tips when ordering:

  • All soups are thickened with tapioca starch making them gluten free.
  • All cutting boards in the kitchen are color coded to manage cross contamination from differing food items. For example, my husband who doesn’t eat meat could feel confident that one color denotes meat to keep any animal products from touching his veggie meal, and for Kid Allergy, gluten free items are segregated by another color to keep all gluten items out of the way from the preparation of his meal.
  • All dressings and sauces are gluten free.
  • Gluten free bread can be substituted for an additional $2 upcharge.

What we ordered:

Veggie Burger on Gluten Free Bread. Please note: the veggie paddy itself is not gluten free.

BLTA on Gluten Free Bread. This is one of the most popular gluten free menu items so I decided I needed to give this little taste of goodness a try. Soooo glad I did...YUM. I also added a scrumptious side salad to keep keep me eating on the healthy side.

Whereas I was going for low calorie choices, the 6-year-old had a totally different take. He saw the word nachos and jumped at ordering that particular dish. He opted for the Blue Corn Nachos which are gluten free and are "keep them all to yourself" good.

Side Garden Salad with 4 gluten free dipping sauces and dressings with unique flavors.

Gluten Free Macoroni and Cheese. Although we ordered it as it comes because Kid Allergy is more of a mac n cheese purist, add ons like spinach, bacon and tomatoes are their most popular. I gave this dish a try and as I like a bit more moisture to my noddle dishes than my son, I found a perfect balance was achieved by dipping the gluten free noodles in the Citrus Vinaigrette sauce.

Other things you should know:

  • They have a full bar! They also have a lime and clementine tree on the property and use the fresh products to make some killer margaritas seasonally.
  • Don’t have time to sit and eat? They have a grab n go fridge right next to the counter to satisfy any quick on the go needs.
  • Another popular gluten free menu item is the market bowl using fresh ingredients that fit the season.
  • They try and use locally sourced products ya'll.
  • All of the food packaging is biodegradable and, although we doubt you would ever try it and don’t actually recommend it, all containers are actually edible.
  • Cold brew is on tap for those needing a little pick me up.
  • We walked here from our Downtown hotel (the Westin Riverwalk Hotel) located right on the Riverwalk. Even with a 6 year old and a 10 year old along we got there in only 10ish minutes!

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Final Thoughts:

I think the sign hanging over the condiment station here at the Good Kind Southtown states it best. “If I can’t go to heaven then let me go to Texas.” Between the elevated allergy conscious fresh comfort food and the incredibly tranquil splendid garden space, these folks just might have achieved heaven right here on earth.

Kid Allergy Travel received a complimentary meal to The Good Kind Southtown. Although this was part of a media visit, rest assured, the opinions provided in the post by Kid Allergy Travel remain our own. Photos by Kid Allergy Travel.

Don’t forget to visit the other location of The Good Kind located in the Bottling Department Food Hall at the very popular Pearl Brewing District. We recommend getting here by boat to go through the lock & dam and see the various artwork along the way. Get more info on tickets for your Go Rio shuttle boat ride along the San Antonio river here.