Top Marriott Brand Caribbean Hotels for Summer 2018

Tax refund in hand, I am turning my sights to planning a tropical vacation this summer. But, after the devastation of Hurricane Season 2017, what locations are open for business this Summer 2018?

Check out our Quick Guide to Caribbean Area Resorts for Marriott Brand Hotels. Why Marriott Brand? We love it for 3 reasons: 1) the clientele never shames us for traveling with children 2) the activities are child centric 3) we have had good success with knowledge and training across the brand for handling guests with allergies.

So what's open and where should you go this summer? Here is a list of Kid Allergy's top 9 Caribbean island kid friendly destinations and where you should stay:

Grand Cayman

The island was left untouched and the pristine white beaches and calm waters are ready for anyone who happens to be up for an idilic tropical vacation. With the exception of some beach erosion on the south end of Seven Mile Beach, nothing has changed about one of our favorite vacation spots in the area. Tops picks include the Ritz and Westin with their spacious beaches. The Marriott has seen a decrease in beach size but still remains a great family vacation spot if you are not the type that spends the whole time lounging on the sand.

Puerto Rico

Suffering major devastation, the island of Puerto Rico is slowly making strides to be open for business as usual. One of our favorites, Marriott Stellaris, is ready to receive visitors but both Ritz Carlton's are still rebuilding. Ritz Carolina is closed with no ETA for accepting visitors. Starting Oct 2018, however, the Ritz Dorado Beach will begin bringing in tourists. The beautiful St. Regis Resort is also currently closed but plan a November 2018 reopen. So, while not open for summer, if you need a winter tropical spot these two San Juan resorts might be just what you are looking for.


Completely outside Hurricane Alley, Aruba is in great shape to host guests this summer with its consistent warm temperatures and wind-centric island activities. The Marriott Stellaris here is one of our favorite Marriott family resorts in the Caribbean, along with the other properties right next door, the Surf Club and Ocean Club Vacation Club properties and the Ritz. Also, if you don't mind an 8 minute water taxi ride to and from the resort to the beach, choose the Renaissance for another great centrally located city hotel option.

St Kitts

This beautiful island sustained no damage in 2017 and you are so close to neighboring Nevis via a scenic 45 minute ferry ride, you can enjoy two islands for one. Try the Marriott here as it is one of Travel + Leisure's famed 'World's Best Caribbean Resorts. You can choose a resort room or a villa with kitchen and can enjoy golf, horse back riding or even swim with dolphins to complete your island adventure.

St Thomas

Sadly, this US Virgin Island discovered on second journey to the New World made by Christopher Columbus is still working through the devastation. The Vacation Club property, Marriott Frenchman's Cove, is open with a disclaimer that construction work will be ongoing for anyone choosing to visit. Both the Marriott Frenchman's Reef and the Ritz properties are still closed. Although no ETA has been released for the Ritz, look for a late 2019 opening for the Marriott.


Below the Hurricane Belt, Curacao is a great place to travel throughout the summer without fear of hurricane season ruining your travel plans. The Renaissance with the private beach and quick access to the Christoffel National Park tops our favorite on this island.


St John

Still struggling to make a comeback, the island of St John continues its lengthy process of rebuilding. The beautiful and functional apartment style Westin Resort Villas is not set to reopen until January of 2019.

St Croix

Like the others in the US Virgin Islands, St Croix has escaped no different a fate. Still working to bring the island back to its previous splendor, much is still closed for business. One of our favorites, the Renaissance Carambola is still not up and running and has no ETA for any future reopen date.


Although the island was damaged, it has traditionally been quick to recover. This year is no different. Check out the Atlantis Resort (now owned by Marriott) for a great self-contained family adventure. Our personal favorites include: Reef with the well stocked kitchens and neighboring Cove if you feel like having someone else do all the cooking. The Royal, Beach and Coral Towers at Atlantis, along with, the Courtyard Downtown are all open for business too.