Topgolf VIP Experience – Fort Worth with Kids

Topgolf bills their experience as "Everyone's Game." So, we partnered up with Topgolf Fort Worth via #sponorship to check out how this activity worked for our group of folks ranging in age from 6 to 70 with a mountain of dietary restrictions and preferences. They graciously offered up the VIP Red Carpet Experience Package to the whole extended Kid Allergy Travel family and we jumped at the opportunity. Our family had played and eaten at Topgolf many times around the state of Texas including Topgolf Dallas, Topgolf The Colony (#dfwarea) and Topgolf Austin. We had even hosted a birthday party for Kid Allergy there once. But, this VIP treatment sounded like the way to go, so we scheduled a date and time and geared up for something special.

Topgolf Basics

What is Topgolf? 

At first glance, this place looks like a multi-story driving range. But, you gotta think of this place more as an entertainment destination. Although every Topgolf is a little different, a few things do remain the same.

There is always a from scratch kitchen able to accommodate dietary restrictions with ease and ready to serve you grub wherever on the property you happen to be.

Family-friendly game rooms offering complimentary opportunities to challenge one another at things like shuffle board, ping pong, and pool.

And, an eat-in bar scene that hosts several big screens to watch your favorite sports team win their next victory.

And, if the weather isn't cooperating, don't worry. Heaters are abound in the bays and any other outdoor space. In our experience, these things work really well to shield out the cold in chillier temperatures making golfing comfortable even if it is the dead of winter.

But, if you do happen to feel like you need to throw on a few more layers to stay comfy, every Topgolf location has a merchandise area where you can purchase a hat or warmer top layer branded with their logo so you can play in any kind of weather in style.

Plus, every Topgolf location can host events, corporate meetings, birthday parties and golf camps for kids.

Who can play?

Kid Allergy agrees. Bring 'em all. Topgolf really is everyone's game. Here's why:

Golf Experience

None necessary. Really. Believe it or not, I had never picked up a golf club in my life the first time I played. Neither had my 70 year old mother. There are several different games varying in level of difficulty where you can just hits balls wherever and hope it goes in to something more sophisticated where you aim for specific color coded targets to make it more challenging.

Allergy Accommodations

Come on out and eat here even if you have food allergies. Topgolf offers gluten free dining options like a plant based gluten free pizza crust, packaged gluten free chips, and Udi's gluten free bread. Any other allergies just ask. Because Topgolf features a from scratch kitchen they can sub out and create on the fly in an effort to keep you safe.

Complimentary Golf Clubs On-Site

No golf clubs? No problem. We don't play golf so none of us have golf clubs. Luckily they offer kids clubs in varying sizes, and even offer lefty clubs in a kids size for our youngest who just happens to be a southpaw.

Age Range

How young is too young?

While I'd say that while every age can attend the experience, I wouldn't hand my 2 year old a golf club to hit at the bay there just yet. For everyone's safety, you might want to keep the golf playing to 4 years and older. Some of these bays are located on the second and third story with nothing but a net to keep things from falling. And, although they have several colored lines cautioning folks to stay back, toddlers as we all know can be quick. Plus, super wee ones don't have a bunch of control and the swinging of the clubs can get crazy.

We took our little one several times under the age of 4 but instead of handing him a golf club we passed along an iPad, molding clay, coloring book, or whatever to keep him on the couch and out of harms way. And, if truth be told, at 6 years old we still bring stuff along to keep him occupied while he has to wait in between turns like you see pictured here.

Nursing Room at Topgolf Fort Worth

And, don't forget to bring the babes in arms along! Topgolf as a company has committed to providing dedicated private nursing space in every one if its US locations. The private spaces are equipped with locking doors to maintain privacy and mini-fridges for storage after pumping if needed.



How old is too old?

As far as an age cap, we don't see anything holding anyone back from coming along. My 70 year old mom who had never played golf could play without any issues.

Now, just because Abuelita is bending down here in this shot doesn't mean those in your party have to have the same mobility. If you have someone with you who can't quite bend down and put the ball on the tee like they used too, don't worry. Folks are always welcome to tee off right from the green mat.

Bring those needing a Wheelchair Accessible activity

Courtesy of Topgolf Fort Worth.

If you have someone in your party that uses a wheelchair, they can participate in the golfing activities no problem.

And, that's not just a statement, it is based off our own real life experience with their ability to accommodate a child in a wheelchair.

We held Kid Allergy's 6th birthday at Topgolf The Colony because we wanted to find an all inclusive venue that could accommodate a child with peanut anaphylaxis, his wheat allergy, and a child in a wheelchair. Topgolf was able to make all those children feel part of the same exact experience. No one felt different. No one was singled out.

Our VIP Topgolf Experience in Fort Worth

We highly recommend booking the VIP experience for those looking to skip the lines and happen to have a party of 6 like we did.

VIP gets you:

  • No wait time.
  • Dedicated VIP Check-In area.
  • 2 hours of Gameplay for up to 6 guests.
  • A Red Carpet rollout.
  • 3 dining items: a bucket of 6 bottled waters, Jumbo artisan pretzel board filled with meat, cheese and fruit and a cookie platter.

Here are some of the things the Kid Allergy Travel family enjoyed the most about our Fort Worth hosted VIP golf outing:

No Waiting In Lines

We all have them in the family: the person that complains if they have to wait in line. Maybe...yours happens to be a gaggle of toddlers. In the Kid Allergy Travel family, that ants in the pants line waiter in our extended family just happens to be my mom. And, she just happened to come along with us this visit.  Whatever the case, if you know your party isn't the waiting type, you'll find yourself really appreciating the value of the VIP skip the line privilege.

The Food Included Was Really Good

So admittedly, none of the two food items included in VIP are gluten free. And, sadly, because this is a packaged deal, Topgolf won't allow any sub outs with this particular packaged deal.

But, with six in our party, we only had one who had to eat gluten free. That meant 5 other people were able to nibble on the offerings with no problem so we just rolled with it because Kid Allergy wasn't feeling like any of it anyway.

If everyone is gluten free or if you don't want someone feeling left out--you can always ask them to omit two things from the Jumbo Pretzel Plate to ensure it is prepared gluten free: 1) no soft pretzel itself and 2) no beer based cheese dipping sauce. They can always accommodate by giving you a plate of meat, cheese and fruit only along with the horseradish dipping sauce (which is absolutely divine and totally gluten free!).

But...what about that gluten filled cookie plate? Yes, the cookie plate did cause some stress for Kid Allergy because he had to watch as his little brother devour the gooey warm chocolate cookies without him. The cookies are filled with gluten so there was simply no way around that. If you are gluten free, my suggestion is to ask them to leave it out of your experience completely or do as I did--plan ahead and negotiate a gluten free sweet treat for your gluten free folks as a consolation later.

The Length Of Gameplay Was Perfect

We had 6 people in total: 4 adults and 2 kids spanning in age from 6 to 70 years old. Two hours was the perfect amount of golf gameplay giving everyone enough time to swing plenty of times and walk away from the whole experience satisfied without feeling rushed. This VIP reservation is valuable because you aren't always guaranteed that length of time in the bay. If you are visiting during a busy period, you might be limited to one hour of gameplay only. For example, this has happened to us on popular Saturday nights.

You Can Add On Anything Else

You are getting the red carpet treatment here folks so your bay host is ready to add anything else to your experience you might need.

In our case, we added the following:

Some adult beverages.

Gluten free food.

Chef Leon Gomez is the executive chef here are the Topgolf Fort Worth location. We had a wonderful chat about gluten free food offerings here and although we didn't order everything that day I want to share some items that are designed specifically for those living gluten free. You can order:

  • Hummus and veggie plate
  • Cauliflower crust gluten free pizza with any of the toppings. The farmhouse flatbread is pictured above and tastes incredible!
  • Sub Vickey's plain potato chips out for fries (no dedicated fryer)
  • Tortilla chips are packaged and gluten free
  • All salad dressings are gluten free so you have a plethora of salads to choose from
  • The burgers have no filler so are gluten free. Just sub an Udi's gluten free bun and you are all set.
  • Any of the sandwiches can be made using the Udi's gluten free bun and add some of that horseradish dipping sauce because its gluten free too!
  • Grilled cheese using the Udi's gluten free bread.

Traditional kid favorites for the picky eater of the family who is not gluten free.

Other Great Things About Topgolf Fort Worth

  • Great daily events.
  • Three stories of golf bays with elevators to easily shuttle your guests between floors.
  • Uncovered outdoor patio with a full stage featuring live music events, large wrap around bar, and incredible views of the downtown Fort Worth skyline.
  • The ping pong table plus a shuffle board and pool table are all complimentary for your convenience to drink, eat and play things other than or in addition to golf!
  • Special meeting rooms to host a group that ranges in various sizes in close proximity to the golfing bays.
  • Kids Zone golf camps during school breaks and summers. Food is included in camp prices and they can accommodate allergy diners.
  • Birthday party packages including golf gameplay and food. All food allergy restrictions can be accommodated.

Kid Allergy Travel received a complimentary VIP Experience to Topgolf Fort Worth. Although this was part of a media visit, rest assured, the opinions provided in the post by Kid Allergy Travel remain our own. Photos & Videos by Kid Allergy Travel and Topgolf Fort Worth.