Traveling Gluten Free in Grand Cayman: A Survival Guide

Grand Cayman is surprisingly easy to find gluten free dining options, even for the pickiest child traveler living the gluten free lifestyle.

Our tip: Rent a car if you would like more freedom to move around the island to open up your gluten free dining options.

Rental agencies are a short walk across the street from the airport. We used Hertz and even though we were Gold Rewards Members we did not get an upgrade. The compact car we rented did not accommodate our large suitcase. So just plan ahead and rent the size you actually need to fit your family plus stuff. Don't walk in hoping to get a courtesy upgrade. This will save you time in the end. This is a popular destination. They get enough tourist traffic here to only provide upgrades to those willing to pay.

The island has a very low crime rate and is relatively small in terms of size. BUT...driving is on the opposite side of the road if you are a US driver. So warned!

Favorite gluten free kid friendly Grand Cayman locations:

Seven Mile Beach/Caymana Bay/Yacht Club

Anchor and Den (Marriott) – Kid Allergy's favorite gluten free breakfast options for grab n go or decadent sit down spread. They also have fun themed dinner nights that accommodate gluten free diners.

Veranda on Seven Mile Beach (Marriott) – exceptional quality beachside outdoor dining with amazing views, attentive service and quality food.

The Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta – gluten free pizza & pasta (kids eat free Sundays when we were there!) in the very posh Caymana Bay Area.


The Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta. One of the Kid Allergy Travel Community has weighed in and unfortunately a child with celiac did get sick dining here. I do recall that the kitchen and waitstaff were not particularly good at paying attention to details when we dined there--although not to the point of slipping gluten in to Kid Allergy's food (thankfully). Their mistake was just pepper related. They did make a pizza we ordered for my four year old with jalapeños instead of green peppers. So.....perhaps be very cautious when considering this place as a gluten safe environment.

Morgan’s Seafood Restaurant – ocean-to-table for those looking for an upscale and personal dining experience on the water overlooking docked boats.

Tortuga Beach Grill & Bar (Westin) – beachside dining that promises gluten free bread but the staff was very uneducated about cross contamination. Basically, they grilled the grilled cheese sandwich on gluten free bread directly on a shared grill without taking any precautions against cross contamination. Read more about that experience in the Westin vs Marriott review under Best Dining.

Edoardo’s – authentic intimate Italian fine dining. Don't let the strange location next to a strip mall scare you away. The service is spectacular and the small rooms provide a cozy experience without crossing over in to uber romantic (I mean, I did have kids with me!).

Ferdinand’s Caribbean Cafe (Westin) – limited gluten free mediocre breakfast buffet options and casual lunch and dinner.

Agua – Italian with South American influences fine dining. Unique take on some of the dishes if you are up for something adventurous. Again, in a strip mall.

Luca (Caribbean Club) - (new to this list as of September 2018) serving contemporary Italian food seaside in a fine dining setting. Kid Allergy Travel did not actually have the opportunity to personally visit, but one of our community members that lives on the island recommended it for the excellent gluten free dining options available.

Grocery Stores carrying gluten free items:

McRuss – open Sundays and smaller neighborhood market with beer and wine.

Kirk Market – some have called it the “Whole Foods” of Grand Cayman carrying almost all the same brands. They carry no alcohol here.

Fosters Food Fair IGA – large grocery chain across from Ritz Carlton

Hurley’s - large grocery chain near airport

Stores to Purchase Wine, Beer & Spirits:

Blackbeard’s (across from Westin) – coupon on map of island given at check-in if staying at the Marriott Grand Cayman

Jacques Scott Wines and Spirits – free delivery Mon-Sat online or via phone @ 345-wine (9463)

McRuss (across from Kirk's)- small local store selling beer, wine and fresh produce. Open Sundays!

Cayman Spirits Co. & Distillery

Tortuga Rum & Cake Factory

NOTE - Alcohol is sold in liquor stores and only some grocery stores. No alcohol sales are available on Sundays in stores of any kind. Plus, Kirk’s does not sell alcohol at all.

East End

Tukka - Australian cuisine that serves delicacies like lionfish and kangaroo. Stay and play after dining. Challenge the family to a game of corn hole, visit the iguanas or try the swing tied to the large branch of a tree right alongside the ocean.

Kaibo/Rum Point

Kaibo Beach Bar Restaurant Marina – toes in sand casual dining along with game tables and a vibrant bar scene.

NOTE - They did not have gluten free bread as advertised on their menu online & on the laminated copy of the menu handed to us while at the restaurant. There are other gluten free options available but just don't have your heart set on a safe gluten free bread based item in case this happens to you.


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8 thoughts on “Traveling Gluten Free in Grand Cayman: A Survival Guide”

  1. Overall, I believe there was an island wide understanding of what needing to eat gluten free meant. We made it a whole 8 days eating at every one of these establishments mentioned above without ever getting gluten’d and sick. That is always a big win for our family!

    I did find that some places took great care to make sure they were not cross contaminating food. Examples include:

    Anchor & Den @ the Marriott: They served Kid Allergy’s gluten free French Toast directly from the pan they cooked it on and the Chef was wearing gloves when they brought it to him.

    Tortuga Beach @ the Westin: They grill food outdoors next to the tables overlooking the beach. When they brought Kid Allergy the gluten free grilled cheeses sandwich, like always, I confirmed that it was on gluten free bread and reminded them that it was not a dietary preference but an actual allergy. They said that it was gluten free bread but that they grilled it outside on the grill and were concerned the sandwich was cross contaminated. The outdoor grill was not a gluten free environment. So, they took it away and remade it using a clean pan from one of the restaurants on property with a stovetop. Kid Allergy gladly waited the additional 25 minutes to know he was receiving a gluten free grilled cheese sandwich that was not cross contaminated.

    Tukka & Veranda @ the Marriott: Management came by to check on our food.

    I was somewhat skeptical about the cross contamination practices at The Brooklyn & Kaibo Beach Bar. There seemed to be a lot of inexperience by staff at both of these restaurants. But, in the end, Kid Allergy did not get sick from dining at either. Ultimately, I guess they were careful enough at those two places.

    As always, I recommend that you make sure to feel out each and every restaurant when you visit. Please make sure to question for yourself and judge whether or not you feel they are listening and taking cross contamination procedures seriously. Staff can change, ingredients can be substituted and allergy policies and procedures can not be followed any time you dine out depending on the day or even the hour. Kid Allergy Travel wants you to find safe and happy travels—hopefully our gluten free dining experiences will help guide you in the right direction!

  2. My daughter has celiac and we go to GC every year. We eat at some of your places listed but not all. Have you ever eat dinner at Anchor and Den? We have not tried it. My daughter did get sick at the Brooklyn Pizza place:( I was hoping we could find a new place to try this year.

    1. Hi Sherri! How wonderful to go to Grand Cayman every year-It really has some of the best beaches and snorkeling in all of the Caribbean!
      I do admit, the Brooklyn Pizza place did not seem to have a very attentive staff when we rolled in. We did have to have them remake my younger sons pizza because they put jalapeños instead of green peppers on it. I will be sure to amend my post to let others know to be careful if they choose to dine there. Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience with the community. I hope that we can help others when visiting the island.
      We absolutely LOVE the Anchor and Den which is located inside the Marriott Grand Cayman. I actually think that might have been one of our top dining establishments while on the island. The breakfast is one of the absolute best for those living the gluten free lifestyle but they also have fun themed nights that can accommodate gluten free diners. They always make food on a special pan and serve it to my son using gloves. If you would like to read more about our experience there please take a look at the Westin vs. Marriott post in the Best Dining Section located here:
      Thank you so much again for sharing with the Kid Allergy Travel Community! When you return from Grand Cayman please write back and let us know what your experience was like if you visit some of these locations listed in this post. Safe and happy travels!

  3. Hello! Thanks for the information. My partner is a celiac and we live in GC. We don’t eat out very often but when we do we normally go to Luca (in the Caribbean Club on Seven Mile Beach). They have a full GF menu and staff are always very attentive. I highly recommend for your next visit :). Based on your recommendations we will certainly try Anchor and Den now!

    1. Jane: Firstly, WOW. You LIVE on the island. What an incredible place to call home! Secondly, thank you so very much for an additional dining recommendation. Kid Allergy Travel can’t wait to try Luca the next time we visit Grand Cayman! I will amend the post and add your restaurant recommendation to the list so that more people have the information when visiting. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you find additional dining options since you are a local. The whole gluten free community values your input and we welcome any updates. Thanks for taking the time to touch base with us and share with Kid Allergy Travel!

  4. Heading to Grand Cayman in a few weeks for the first time. I was wondering if the grocery stores you mention above (IGA, Kirk’s Market) carry Udi’s or Shar’s bread? Also – do you know if they carry gluten free deli meats (Applegate Farms, Hillshire Naturals, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh)? Would be nice to pack my own sandwiches for day trips to the various beaches on the island rather than gamble on restaurants. TIA

    1. Hi Ned! So excited about your upcoming trip to Grand Cayman! I would suggest you visit Kirk Market – it really is just like your local Whole Foods grocery store and you will be surprised at how the shopping experience will be very similar in terms of gluten free brands that we use here in the US. And, it is large so the product variation will be greater. We did our gluten free shopping there and then used McRuss for beer and wine purchases because we found the in and out quicker and easier than a larger store. Just check the hours for both. We did pop by there once or twice and found them closed. This is a great island for gluten free products and I believe you won’t have any issues finding safe gluten free food for carrying around. Grand Cayman is one of my absolute favorite islands—-the water is calm and blue and the beaches are divine! Have a safe trip!

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