Zeeks Pizza | Seattle Eats

We heard that in Seattle "life is too short for crappy pizza." But, imagine our happiness when we learned that this movement included those of us living gluten free! So, we partnered up (via sponsorship) with the Seattle landmark Zeeks Pizza to find out just how they craft real food made with real love and deliver real flavor for all.

Our family has a serious love of anything pizza. I mean, pizza is the ultimate in kid food and often times is an only option for those who eat gluten free when they travel. So believe me when I say we eat a mountain of pizza from all over the world several times a month.

But...there was something intriguingly different about the Zeeks Pizza menu. Goat cheese, Thai flavored chicken and barbecue sauce as a base? That sounded pretty Hipster Foodie to me. I was wondering how the cool and casual vibe of the Our Story section (ie. surfers being tapped in to universal truths and all that) would really translate in real life.

So, when we strolled in to the West Seattle location on an August afternoon, my family consisting of 2 kids under 9 immediately fit right in. I gotta hand it to these folks. They really nailed it. This place is just plain chill even though it kicks out upscale and somewhat frou-frou quality hand-crafted pies.

The patio was beautiful and inviting, but it was unusually hot that day so we all agreed to sit comfortably in the air conditioned main dining room instead. We grabbed a booth that was bathed in sunlight right up again the windowed wall and jumped right in to checking out the menu.

If the big bright red Beer sign calls to you the same way it did us, know that you will have a plethora of Hard Cider choices available on tap. Such a great predicament to be in for those who live gluten free!

One thing we noticed right away was that the price of fresh quality ingredients and gluten free crust is not cheap here. You will need to spend an additional $3.50 to make your pizza gluten free. But, let us say from personal experience,  we think that once you actually taste this gluten free pizza crust you will be willing to part with the cash. Two words: yum YUM.

After much deliberation, we finally settled on 3 gluten free pizzas so that we could all share.

One Make Your Own that we felt would appeal more to the kids of just plain green bell peppers with a tomato base.

Another was the Chèvre Roast piled high with goat cheese and thick chunks of roasted garlic and large heaps of fresh basil.

Lastly, we agreed on the Veggie Thai that uses a peanut sauce as a base. It just sounded so darn unique and I figured it would either be a big hit or a gigantic miss.

So what did we think about the taste? You see the pictures, right? Yeah...they are as good as they look. Fresh vegetables and herbs galore that tasted like heaven.

But really one thing was the standout for me. I gotta make special mention of that Veggie Thai pizza. The peanut sauce was AMAZING. So much so, I asked for a side of that sauce for additional dunking purposes. That stuff is handmade every morning and combines all sorts of fresh veggies that add to its complexity. This is a do not miss folks. And, for all of you carnivores out there, you can even order one version of this pizza with meat!

So, the Kid Allergy Travel family thinks you should make a point to visit one of the several Zeeks Pizza spots located throughout the Seattle area. They welcome gluten free diners and families. They can cater to all tastes whether they are pizza traditionalists like our youngest or those who like a bit of a twist like myself. So grab yourself a beverage and settle in. And...don't forget to ask for a side of that peanut sauce!

Kid Allergy Travel received a complimentary meal at Zeeks Pizza. Although this was part of a media visit, rest assured, the opinions provided in the post by Kid Allergy Travel remain our own. Photos by Kid Allergy Travel.