Welcome to all who live or love someone who eats gluten free!

We have some exciting new travel locations planned for 2019 including Los Cabos (Mexico), Los Angeles and Disneyland (California, USA), Asia: (Singapore, Thailand, Laos & Indonesia),  Sarasota (Florida, USA), Houston (Texas, USA), San Fransisco (California, USA), and Nashville (Tennessee, USA). Please join us for year 2 of the Kid Allergy Travel journey in '19!

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Razzi's Pizzeria | Seattle Eats


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Cabo Trek | Whale Watching with Kids

Cabo San Lucas (Los Cabos) MEXICO

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10 Gifts for the Ones You Love

For Kids & Adult Travelers

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We teamed up with Travel Maven Mama to offer up our travel tips in a post titled: Family Travel Disasters: Common Fails and How to Handle Them. This post also includes some other great advice from top Family Travel Bloggers so you can avoid common travel mistakes on your next family vacation.

Family Travel Disasters: Common Fails and How to Handle Them

Collaborative post with Travel Maven Mama

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Whether you are looking for a quiet beach, the lights and sounds of a big city, or a land or sea based adventure, you and your family can find it here. Join our community of like minded wanderers whether you are gluten free or not. Get your kids out there to experience your homeland and beyond!

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