Fresh Farm To Table Simplicity @ Harvest | Las Vegas Eats

When my son was diagnosed with EoE, my family joined a local farm cooperative to better manage the amount of processed and genetically modified food we put on the table.

So when I was deciding where to dine in Vegas, chef Roy Ellamar's Harvest caught my eye. The Bellagio uses the words health-conscious to describe his cuisine, along with, local agriculture and sustainably produced proteins. Those were some pretty powerful buzzwords, especially since "local" means "desert" in Vegas.

But, as I walked toward Harvest, I have to admit it had me at hello. Everything around you evokes an earthy feel and suddenly the noise of Vegas disappears.

The kitchen is center stage at this dining location and is basically a glass box in the middle of restaurant goers. The space is so intimate that almost every table has a front row seat to watch as fresh meat and seafood is pulled and prepared as it is ordered.

Now, full disclosure. Kid Allergy did not go on this Vegas trip. I can only relay what the servers told me about gluten safe dining. So please be mindful that as I do not have an allergy, it remains a mystery whether or not the food was actually safely prepared sans gluten.

So...away I went with my allergy questions and like most upscale restaurants in Vegas, the menu changes so frequently that a dedicated gluten free menu does not exist. I was questioned about allergy or dietary preference (love it!) and then was walked through the whole menu.

Basically, any protein can be made gluten free from meat to seafood.

A few things don’t make the gluten free list though: creamed spinach (because of the bachamel sauce), brussel sprouts (because of the soy sauce) and tempura items.

We started with the very pricey $108 Ocean Harvest appetizer. All four sauces were doubled checked with the chef and cleared out to be gluten free.

And…WOW. What an incredible tower of seafood happiness this item is! It was HUGE. Two of us could have shared this and just eaten it as our meal. Everything was incredibly fresh and melted in my mouth. Just plain worth it in my opinion.

Oddly, of the four sauces, drawn butter was not an option. This wasn’t a deal breaker for me but it left one of my tablemates somewhat perturbed.

I had the lamb chops and they were cooked to perfection. No overbearing sauces or seasonings used here. They ended up showcasing the incredible natural flavor of the lamb. Nothing more and nothing less.

In the end, this was my favorite place to dine by far. And...everyone in the group agreed. If you are looking for a delightful farm to table experience that delivers fresh and unencumbered cuisine, I definitely hope you put Harvest on the top of your list.

Mom Notes:

Family friendly? Yes! At 7pm the table next to us had a family with two small children perhaps only 3 and 5 years old.

I loved that this was not a sequins and fishnet kind of place. It stripped down the over the top adult aspect of being in Vegas to provide its diners with the opportunity to experience the simplicity of wholesome food. It wasn’t about people watching. This Vegas hot spot was about pulling away the pomp and circumstance of eating out. My love affair with Harvest was based on solidly prepared and presented food, and it felt natural and honest.

And for those of you still working through the exorbitant price of that seafood appetizer tower---just do it. You won't be disappointed...I promise.