• Diverse landscapes allow for many different types of vacations in one: beach, jungle, desert, urban,  adventure, and/or cultural
  • Short flight time from the US & English is widely spoken
  • Excellent bang for you buck - the Dollar to Peso exchange rate makes it an affordable destination

Mexico is the third largest country in Latin America and is home to Mexico City, the second largest cosmopolitan city in the world after Tokyo.

It is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world, but with such close proximity to the United States, English is spoken throughout most of the major cities and towns.

Ancient civilizations left behind many magnificent architectural structures that are still standing, languages that are still spoken in rural districts, and a documented written history that extends hundreds of years before the arrival of the Europeans.

Tequila, corn, chillies and chocolate were introduced to the world by Mexico and it is the world's leading producer of silver. The cuisine of Mexico is world renowned and so is the art, music, and film.

For some, the mystery and romance of Mexico lures them in to make this a lifelong destination. It is so vast and so diverse, there never seems to be a lack of adventure or discovery when you return to this beautiful and historic land over and over again.