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BFree Foods is an organic, certified gluten free, and free from major allergens, non-gmo, no preservative food company selling their products nationwide at Walmart & Kroger.

We first met BFree Foods at the Nourished Festival in Dallas, Texas over a year ago. Since then, we have tried a number of new products that have made our daily food routine a bit more exciting!

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Show of hands-Who is still feeding house guests?🙋‍♀️ —- #ad - Pictured @bfreefoods Sweet Potato Wraps in Fort Worth, Texas. #certifiedglutenfree —— I don’t know about ya’ll but I still have a house full of family & am slowing in my ability to come up with creative ways to feed these folks. —- Kid Allergy Travel was #gifted quite a few fantastic products to try out this #holidayseason2019 & I’m sure glad we started out with these #sweetpotatowraps in our traditional breakfast taco recipe. These #bfreefoods wraps change up the flavor of a boring old egg, cheese & tortilla to give your family a hint of something sweet & savory. —— Now #availableatwalmart nationwide in the tortilla aisle. —- With no preservatives, I have mine stored nicely in the fridge & although I didn’t have any left once I opened the package, they will last roughly 2 weeks for those of you with a little more self control. #onceistarticantstop 😆 —- I ❤️that these wraps are #freefrommajorallergens & do not contain gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts or soy + are made from non-GMO ingredients. #winwin 💫 —- #walmart #walmartshoppers #bfreefoodie #bfreefoodspartner #bfreefoodwrap #glutenfree #glutenfreefoodie #kidallergytravel #entertaininghouseguests

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