Given the current real threat of the Covid-19 coronavirus concerns in most parts of the world, we understand that most of you either can't or have chosen to hold off on travel for the time being.

Kid Allergy Travel encourages you & yours to practice social distancing, focus on frequent hygiene and hand washing, and postpone all domestic and international travel until your pediatrician or health care professional has approved it as a safe option for those with an allergy or auto-immune condition. This is a time to focus on these extra moments together to strengthen your bonds with loved ones. And...a time to share with our children that we really are a unified world community.

As we enter June of 2020, we see cities and towns around the world inching toward reopening to local citizens and tourists. Airlines, hotels, museums and landmarks are formulating plans for help travelers journey safer. Now may not be the best time to act on your travel dream but it sure is a great time to plan it for the future!

Kid Allergy Travel is proud to announce we are finally back online as your information source for living, traveling, and eating gluten free!


Ock Pop Tok: Family Textile Dyeing Class with Kids


This is one of our favorite family destinations anywhere in the world. If you are looking to make that bucket list trip to Asia this labor intensive family class will get your family working together and creating something that will last a lifetime.


How to Plan for Travel in the Time of Covid-19

It used to be a question of how to prepare for potential quarantine when traveling with kids and/or a food allergy. Right now, the question becomes how do I plan for rebooking travel with kids in the time of Covid-19?

So.....what, when and how do you rebook that vacation your family had planned before the worldwide lockdown began? And, if you are being forced into booking in a relatively quick timeframe (like my family), is it safe to travel in the next 1 to 3 months with kids and an underlying medical condition? And, if you do go on that family vacation, should you take the same kid and allergy precautions Kid Allergy Travel recommended before the whole world closed their cities and towns to stop the spread?

Here are some tips for how to prepare for the next time you travel with kids and allergies in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Welcome to all who live or love someone who eats gluten free!

Living gluten free can be hard and Kid Allergy Travel is here for you. We struggle daily just like you and this site was created to be a community that supports each other. We encourage you all to grab life by the horns. Celebrate your food uniqueness. Get out there and see your hometown, your country, your world. Follow our blog and social media pages to get the real scoop about how to manage life at home and abroad one gluten free adventure at a time.

We share inside tips, stories, and reviews for gluten free living and travel. We are here for individuals and families alike.

Thank you for joining us in year 2 of Kid Allergy Travel & we look forward to bringing you more in 2020!

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Looking for inspiration to get out there and experience the world even if you are living with food allergies? Check out some of our ideas for travel, eating, living & doing here for those of all ages.


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